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Moulinalmond House was built in 1840…..

….. as a home for the Factor of the historic Methven Castle estate. Originally known as Woodend, it is a traditional stone built property, typical of the luxurious style of the age. The house was extended in 1907 when Colonel Smythe, the laird of Methven Castle estate, moved out of the Castle and into the house with his family. The Moulinalmond House motto "Mediis Tranquillus in Undus" ('in the middle of tranquil waters') can be seen above the French windows on the south-west facing side of the main house.

In the Scottish Wars of Independence, in the late 13th and early 14th centuries, both William Wallace (of 'Braveheart' fame) and Robert the Bruce (King of Scotland) fought skirmishes in the adjacent Methven Wood while preparing to besiege Perth. The Wood was also associated with the Marquis of Montrose, arguably the finest Scottish soldier ever, who fought the Battle of Tippermuir nearby in 1644. Ultimately the estate came into the possession of the Scottish Royal Family, the Stuarts and a number of Scottish monarchs, including the celebrated James the Fourth, stayed in the Castle and hunted in the woods and surrounding countryside.

The Perstigous estate came into the possession of the Smythes, a prosperous Perthshire family, in 1664 and the Castle remained in their family until 1922 when it was sold off. Interestingly Miss Barbara Smythe, daughter of Col. Smythe, lived almost all her life at Moulinalmond until the late 1980's. The Smythe family still live and farm in the area around Methven. 

Suggested Background reading and reference

'The Perthshire Book' Edited by Donald Omand--published by Birlinn Press (1999)

'The Stewart Trilogy' by Nigel Tranter - published by Hodder & Stoughton, ISBN: 0340391154

'David Douglas: Botanist and Explorer' by Ann Lindsay Mitchell and Syd House--published by Aurum Press  (1999)

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The tall fir Abies magnifica

The 42 metre Pacific silver fir,Abies magnifica, now 157 years old

The first record of a fortification on the site of the current Castle was that belonging to Rohard, Thane of Methven around 970 AD

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