Moulinalmond Cottage
Moulinalmond Cottage
The 42 metre Pacific silver fir, Abies magnifica, now 157 years old
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Moulinalmond Cottage
Our Green policy

Deer at Moulinalmond Cottage garden

Here at Moulinalmond  we are committed to providing a good quality service whilst minimising the environmental impact of our activities. We also encourage a pro-active approach to supporting and enhancing our local natural and cultural heritage through a number of positive actions.

Some of the main steps we have taken to reduce our impact are:

GTBS Using biomass to heat the cottage and provide hot water
GTBS Recycling as much as possible to reduce waste
GTBS Using low energy light bulbs
GTBS Designing the garden to further encourage wildlife
GTBS Encouraging guests to use public transport if possible

We are supporters of The Perthshire Big Tree Country, an initiative which seeks to promote, protect and enhance Perthshire’s rich tree and woodland heritage. The grounds and policy woodlands around Moulinalmond are indicative of that rich legacy. We have an inventory of all the trees around the house, we well as a programme of management of tree planting to ensure their inherent qualities are maintained.

In addition we have undertaken a number of actions to support and enhance the grounds for flora and fauna. Specific actions include:

GTBS Monitoring and recording the swift population visiting around the house
GTBS Protecting the key conifer trees which provide the main food supply for the red squirrel population around the house
GTBS Providing suitable food for wild birds as necessary; monitoring sightings of birds around the garden, and contributing to the annual survey of garden birds
GTBS Optimising opportunities for wildlife in the garden through following wildlife-friendly practice
GTBS Monitoring and protecting the bat population roosting in the house
If you would like to know more about any of these specific actions we would be happy to describe our activities in more detail

We are active with the charity This body helps communities in Africa's drylands fight poverty and become self-reliant, while improving the environment.

TREE AID is the UK's only forestry focused development charity providing funding and on-the-ground training and support to local organisations in the Sahel of Africa.

Again, if you would like more information, or to assist this worthwhile cause, please just ask.


Here at Moulinalmond we are conscious of our carbon footprint and therefore we try to lessen our negative impact on the environment. During your stay we would encourage you to please recycle, consider walking, cycling or using public transport on occasions to enjoy the area, and enjoy buying food and supplies in some of the many locally-owned shops in and around Perth (so much more interesting than the major supermarkets!).

We have provided you with recycling bags and we will take your waste for recycling at the end of your stay.  Please ensure that you leave the bags for future guests. 
If you go into our recycling shed (next to the woodshed) you can deposit cans etc in there direct.

What can you recycle?

You can recycle aluminium & steel food and drinks cans.  Please rinse out your cans before recycling.  Please do not place aerosol cans in the recycling bin
You can recycle all colours of glass bottles and jars.  Please remove tops and lids.  Please do not place Pyrex, plate glass or light bulbs in glass recycling bins
You can recycle flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers and office quality paper. Please do not put envelopes, sticky notes, photographs or telephone directories in the paper recycling bins
You can recycle cardboard including cereal packets, toilet roll tubes and corrugated cardboard boxes
Plastic Bottles
You can recycle natural HDPE   (milk bottles) and PET   plastic bottles (includes water, diluting juice and fizzy drinks bottles. Please remove their lids, rinse and squash before placing in the recycling bin

Thank You!

We are always interested in feedback on our environmental commitment and would be grateful for any comments relating to your stay.

To book or to contact us:
Mobile phone:  07770 350765


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